EP Today

A pioneer who sets the tone

Today Eclair Prym wants more than ever to continue playing its part as a pioneer on the forefront of innovation. Three key values are our main assets to realize our ambition: quality, creativity and service. These are woven throughout each stage of our production process. Let’s uncover these for you.


False logo

Attention! Someone is using our logo. This E/P logo has nothing to do with Eclair Prym zips. The EP logo is without a shift between the two letters E and P.

Quality above anything

Eclair Prym offers more than simply zips, we provide complete solutions. We manufacture each component of zips, based on our know-how.


An integrated production...

From the tape-weaving and the cutting and finishing of the teeth to the assembly of the finished product, we are committed to supplying products conforming to all the international quality standards (Öko-tex, ISO9001, …)


Boundless creativity

Each field of application has its own rules regarding materials and finishing. This is why we manufacture 3 ranges of zip fasteners: a spiral, moulded and metal range. This enables us to offer a wide range of types, colours and finishings of zips.


Customized creativity

One can’t imagine a world without zips. Whatever the field of activity, Eclair Prym has an open ear for customers wishes, and develops customized zips. Whether for garments, leatherwear or technical equipments, the applications are widespread and without limits. We also ensure special treatments for safety, military, medical, firefighting, waterproof, … applications.